7 Reasons to Change Cybersecurity Providers


It’s no secret that several of the big-name, publicly traded cybersecurity providers such as Rapid7 are struggling to maintain quality of service.

Investor pressure resulting in layoffs, office closures, and reorganizations point to a growing problem for these types of entities that acquired market share at discounted prices to clients: a one-size-fits-all approach may have worked well in the past, but typically falls short relative to your specific organizational requirements.

Many savvy practitioners are now moving away from providers with rigid service delivery models in favor of a more boutique, personalized experience.

Here are 7 reasons to make the switch, sooner rather than later:
They see you as a number.

As a Rapid7 customer, you represent one of 11,412 supported entities. The flexibility you need for MDR coverage requires significant customization that is unique to your shifting IT estate, not what is merely available from your current service provider.

Support is slow to respond, if at all.

Many users have voiced ongoing concerns with extremely slow support response times, which is often amplified with “restructuring events” such as what is currently unfolding at Rapid7. Other concerns raised often include incomplete responses in general, often lacking important documentation that practitioners need to drive their MDR goals forward.

No option to talk to humans.

Further exacerbating the client experience, service providers such as Rapid7 publish support phone numbers that only go to voicemail, resulting in further delays to resolution. When you have an issue that is important enough for you to pick up the phone, you want a provider that will have someone on the receiving end to solve your problem!

They lack event-source integration.

Being able to accept and normalize any event source, in any format, is a fundamental requirement for driving threat detection strategy. Rapid7 continues to struggle with onboarding and parsing many of the most common data sources available for log ingest, leaving your organization at risk.

Problems with custom alerts.

You want custom alerts to satisfy your unique security monitoring requirements, but setting that up within Rapid7 is difficult to achieve and time-consuming.

The UI is non-intuitive and difficult to use.

Words like “clunky” and “frustrating” are often used to describe the UI of many SIEM tools, including Rapid7. Similar to our experience with ArcSight and others, this is a recurring theme where stock prices are prioritized over improving the customer experience.

Lacks holistic deployment support.

Deployment support can involve multiple departments, with different engineers working each case. For as much as you’re paying, you’d expect the courtesy of being able to interface with the same engineers, who were familiar with your needs and could address them efficiently and holistically.

Explore the Benefits of a “Boutique” Alternative

At Alchemy Security, we pride ourselves on offering first-class, highly personalized support to every customer, every time. Here’s what our clients have to say about working with us.

We really value and appreciate the service that Alchemy provides and the team’s knowledge of Splunk and willingness to flex where needed to try and accommodate our needs.

Enterprise Technology Architect

National Sports Company

I like the flexibility and communication they provide, especially in comparison to our previous MSSP. If we have questions they are able to provide answers and even supporting documentation from outside sources that help answer. Also, they take feedback very well and adjust accordingly.
Cyber Incident Response Analyst II

Communications and Payment Processing

I feel like everyone makes my needs a priority. I get very fast response times with all of my questions and direct engineering support for new implementations. Alchemy feels like an extension of my team.

Sr. Information Systems Security Analyst

Biotech Company

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