Who We Are

Originally founded in the Central Rockies of Colorado, we remain inspired to summit higher peaks, bringing to market fresh ideas to help solve some of the most difficult and enduring cybersecurity management challenges that organizations face every day.

Alchemy Security is a boutique cybersecurity firm supported by passionate practitioners dedicated to ​the art ​and science of helping defend what matters most.

Building upon what Founder Joe Bonnell describes as the Security Operating System framework, we provide holistic, cost-efficient solutions that combine high-value professional and managed security services with internally developed applications.

The Defender's Advantage

Defenders have to be vigilant against a wide range of attacks across all parts of the organization at all times. Attackers only have to be successful once. This attacker’s advantage is a call to pessimism for defenders who are under pressure. But is it complete? It leaves out the possibility that the defender too, has their advantages.
So what are they?

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Security Operating System

SOS is a software platform that helps organizations more holistically manage cyber security functions required to protect your environment from the most common attacks that organizations fall victim to every day.

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Our Approach

Alchemy Security is a rapidly expanding information security solutions provider, specializing in Information Security intelligence technology and services. We combine extensive experience with innovative ideas to holistically solve our customer’s most challenging Information Security problems.

Meet the Team

Joe Bonnell

Joe Bonnell

Founder + CEO

Joe Bonnell is the Founder & CEO of Alchemy Security, a security-as-a-service firm dedicated to the art and science of risk management. As a practitioner with 25 years in the field, Joe remains passionate about helping organizations drive better cybersecurity outcomes through a sensible combination of security analytics and managed services. As a subject matter expert in the field, Joe regularly advises policymakers in Congress and the executive branch on the supporting role that government can play in improving the nation’s cybersecurity defenses.

Cameron Curtis

Cameron Curtis

VP Sales and Marketing

Cameron delivers exceptional client and partner experiences with Alchemy Security’s Security Operating System framework, Splunk Solutions, Managed Services, and Professional Services.

Arun Gerra

Arun Gerra

VP Security Engineering

Arun oversees all aspects of security engineering across the company, supporting Cyber Defense Center operations and related engineering central to the success of Alchemy Security’s Security Operating System framework.

Oksana Ilyina

Oksana Ilyina

Customer Success Liaison

Oksana keeps everything running smoothly here at Alchemy Security. She’ll be the one checking in with you on client calls, making sure you feel supported, and advocating for you when needed. Her sunny disposition and overall competence are truly appreciated by everyone she comes across.

Pewaubek Reid

Pewaubek Reid

Junior Founder

Pewaubek is responsible for delivering all aspects of Alchemy Security’s Premium Apps and CSDC reporting, which serves as the centerpiece of our Security Operating System framework.

Work With Us

We’re continually looking for the right mix of individuals to join our very special team. That said, we are not a “body shop” and are very selective in our hiring processes.

If you are a self-motivated creative thinker who is known for getting things done, you may be a good fit for our team. We embrace diversity and look forward to hearing from those capable of solving some very complex information security problems.

How to Apply

Click the link below to submit a cover letter and resume.

We’re currently looking for qualified individuals that can function within the following roles:
Systems Engineer

Alchemy Security seeks individuals who have systems administration and/or DevOps experience who can grow into a role of security engineer, providing engineering and R&D support on behalf of our Cyber Security Defense Center. This role is intended to provide engineering, research, and technical support to ensure the availability and stability of both client and internal infrastructure. 

    • Assist in IT automation and research and development to improve and expand IT capabilities required by the CSDC. 
    • Assist in the IT and IT Security infrastructure design and implementations and SIEM Implementations. 

Key requirements include:

    • Experience with Linux/Unix and website administration
    • Networking configuration/troubleshooting
    • Fundamental understanding or experience with IT automation tools and version control tools such as Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Docker, and Github. 
    • Knowledge of AWS deployments and routine management
    • Experience with backups, disaster recovery, and high availability.
    • Follow incident and change management processes, maintain (or create as needed) technical/process documentation. 

Soft skills include:

    • Good communication skills, both written and verbal
    • Effectively communicate and coordinate well with cyber security teams, internal and external business units, and upper management, comprising both technical and non-technical audiences.
    • Flexible scheduling to support our Cyber Security Defense Center
    •  An eagerness to develop in-depth knowledge of network and host-based security technologies. 

A degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related academic discipline is preferred, and/or 1 – 2 years of relevant work experience. A certificate in a related discipline such as IT Security, Networking, System Administration, DevOps, and/or Programming/Scripting is a plus.

Entry-level Security Operations Center Analyst

Are you looking to jump-start your career within the field of Information Security? We are looking for motivated individuals to join our team.

Candidates must have a general understanding of:

    • IT Security
    • Networking
    • System Administration
    • Programming/scripting
    • Willingness to acquire in-depth knowledge of network and host-based security technologies
    • knowledge of the current IT threat landscape and emerging trends in cyber security

Responsibilities include:

    • Assisting with L1 Analysis and engineering operations functions
    • Tending to Cyber Security Defense Center help desk tasks
    • Gathering threat intelligence
    • Performing various administrative tasks that require basic documentation and tracking

Soft skills include:

    • A great attitude and desire to dig deep into the field of information security
    • A detail-oriented work style with the ability to follow through on tasks
    • The ability to work collaboratively in team environments
    • Strong critical thinking and analytical skills
    • Strong interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills

A certificate in a related discipline such as IT Security, Networking, System Administration, and/or Programming/Scripting is preferred. A degree in Information Technology or a related academic discipline is preferred, but not required for this position. 

Splunk Engineer

This opportunity offers the right candidate a number of excellent opportunities to install and mature world-class SIEM implementations globally.

This is not an analyst position but rather a technology-centric position that requires the consultant to have a thorough understanding of:

    • Security operation center principles
    • Incident response lifecycle
    • Information security frameworks
    • Strong consulting skills.

The candidate must have a strong technology background, and training will be provided for the right candidate if not well versed with Splunk. Willingness to travel or relocate for long-term engagements is a key requirement.

The candidate must possess a degree in a related field and professional experience within the field of Security Operations. Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or related academic disciplines and/or equivalent work experience in the information security industry is required. A Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or other related academic discipline is preferred.