Alchemy Security Announces SaaS Product Line Expansion and Security Operating System framework

Jun 14, 2022

DENVER June 13, 2022— Alchemy Security, a recognized leader for SIEM specialty expertise in deployment and ongoing operations, today announced their expanded SaaS product line which serves as the centerpiece for the company’s newly announced Security Operating System (SOS) framework.

As Founder Joe Bonnell is fond of saying, “It’s the simple mistakes that are often the root cause of most major cybersecurity failures. A missed security patch cycle, an employee clicks on a malicious link, or a simple firewall change that results in a vulnerable system being exposed to the internet, it’s these events that time and again have resulted in some of the most expensive data breaches in history.

Alchemy Security has assessed organizations of all sizes, globally, and the pattern observed is always consistent; the fundamental inability to operationalize cybersecurity program management into a cohesive, holistic orchestra, without breaking the bank while doing so. Alchemy Security’s Security Operating System framework enables organizations to take a data driven approach to security program management and ensures that the basic blocking and tackling are consistently in place to protect the organization in a cost-efficient manner by maximizing in-house and co-sourced approaches to risk management.

As part of this news release, Alchemy Security is pleased to announce the following new SaaS products now generally available to clients.

As Alchemists in the field of cybersecurity, we tend to look at Lapis as the proverbial philosopher’s stone of your cybersecurity program, the centerpiece for how organizations track and report on all aspects of overall cybersecurity posture. Lapis is an Integrated Risk Management solution that allows organizations to track the maturity of security controls and communicate operating risk in a manner that executives can easily understand. Getting past the executive view, Lapis has no peers. Lapis leverages your existing Splunk deployment to obtain a data-driven analytical approach to cybersecurity program management. This approach removes the perception of hidden agendas by providing a security roadmap with integrated decision support capabilities using our powerful dashboards to better understand your organizational strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, Lapis drives forward movement toward your security objectives with integrated workflows for closed loop process management, automating historically manual processes of data gathering for subsequent analysis and responding mitigations.

“You can’t protect what you don’t know that you have.” Having a good understanding of all devices on your networks has always been a challenge for organizations, which is proving to be even more complex with the hybrid compute landscape we find ourselves living in today. To tackle this foundational building block of cybersecurity program management, Alchemy Security is also pleased to announce the release of Atom – a full featured dynamic asset discovery and inventory management tool that, with a few mouse clicks, allows practitioners to get a rapid handle on the operational state of the organization in aggregate, right down to the details on a given device. Atom redefines how you approach risk management by combining the fundamentals of dynamic asset discovery, with the ability to quickly pivot through different risk profiles within your organization to contextualize risk at a moment’s notice.

Together, Lapis and Atom are like peas and carrots, and we think that’s just great. We’re confident that you will too. To learn more about how Alchemy Security can supercharge your Splunk deployment, reach out to an account manager. Don’t worry, you won’t be deluged with phone calls. We take a consultative approach to sales that customers appreciate.

About Alchemy Security
Alchemy Security provides robust situational and operational awareness for compliance and security. A holistic and cost-effective approach to IT asset protection delivers the right balance of support, service and consultation to global retail, banking, technology, and health care organizations. For more information on how Alchemy Security can help secure your organization, email to or visit us at Alchemy Security is a Splunk Value Added Reseller and MSS partner.

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