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Why do they click?

Why do they click?

We may be inclined to take punitive action against the employees who repeatedly fail phishing tests. But before swinging the hammer, consider this:...

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As previously communicated by Lockbit, "critical infrastructure" is back on the menu. I don't think many considered the Federal Reserve as being part of the buffet, yet here we are.

Public-sector orgs like schools & municipalities face growing #cyberthreats. Join our webinar on 6/18 to learn why a holistic MDR approach is crucial with insights from @Splunk.


Cyberthreats are on the rise for public-sector orgs like schools & municipalities. Join our webinar on 6/18 with @Splunk to learn why a holistic MDR approach is crucial. Register now:

Whew.. Heavy vulnerability disclosure and breach week.

Sisense customers should be revoking creds immediately.

Also, patch those Fortinet, Palo , and Citrix products asap!

#VulnerabilityManagement #TeamBlue

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