Here at Alchemy Security, we pride ourselves on bringing some of the best & brightest security professionals in the business to our clients. Our Professional Services team brings a depth and breadth that is rarely matched within most services organizations. Deliverables typically include methodology employed, findings prioritized by risk, and recommendations to remediate areas of concern. Below is a list of some of the services we provide on behalf of our clients: 

Application Assessments

Alchemy Security is extremely well versed in providing application assessments. Methodologies available to our clients can include whitebox/blackbox testing for applications of all types including web, client-server, appliance, and COTS solutions.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is used to understand what attackers may find while knocking on your door, as well as verify the security controls in place on your network. We leverage our time-tested assessment methodology to help identify & categorize vulnerabilities observed and provide actionable recommendations to reduce risk to IT assets.

Code Reviews

Code reviews are used to identify areas of risk for high profile applications. Leveraging a combination of engineering expertise and automated tools, Alchemy Security utilizes these techniques with application development knowledge to help programmers identify and mitigate insecure programming errors.


Governance, Policy, and Standards are critical elements of a successful information security policy. When implemented well, these elements are supportive to (and protective of) the business.

Pre-Audit Services

Looking to understand what an auditor will discover? Alchemy Security can take a peek under the hood before the auditor shows up and make recommendations to alleviate audit risk.

Retainer Consulting Services

Need feedback on a proposed solution or some suggestions of where to look to solve the latest infosec challenges? Take advantage of our retainer package and pick the brains of some of the brightest minds within industry.

Incident Management, PR Management, Forensics (Network/Infrastructure/Server)

Incident management is, unfortunately, one of the fastest growing segments within the industry. Alchemy Security brings top-flight talent to organizations managing sensitive incidents. We help our clients manage the process of identifying the method of attack, the seriousness of the compromise, the impact to the business, counter-measures and actionable next steps to best protect the organization and supporting staff.