Your adversaries keep getting better. So should you.

It’s tough out there for cyber defenders. Organizations are asking more and more out of their cybersecurity teams, while costs continue to rise and threats continue to mount.

Many defenders know they’re coming up short, but they lack the tools or support to accomplish their goals.

At Alchemy Security, we’re convinced that cybersecurity is not a losing battle. Defenders have many unique advantages over attackers—the trick is figuring out what they are and how to use them.

Your adversaries keep getting better.
So should you.

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The Defender's Advantage

Defenders have to be vigilant against a wide range of attacks across all parts of the organization at all times. Attackers only have to be successful once. This attacker’s advantage is a call to pessimism for defenders who are under pressure. But is it complete? It leaves out the possibility that the defender too, has their advantages.
So what are they?

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Security Operating System

SOS is a software platform that helps organizations more holistically manage cyber security functions required to protect your environment from the most common attacks that organizations fall victim to every day.

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Our Approach

Alchemy Security is a rapidly expanding information security solutions provider, specializing in Information Security intelligence technology and services. We combine extensive experience with innovative ideas to holistically solve our customer’s most challenging Information Security problems.


Managed Security Services

Expand the depth and breadth of your security team while reducing the risk of employee turnover, all at a fraction of the cost of hiring and managing internal staff.

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Splunk Solutions

Spunk up your Splunk and extract more value from your data! Alchemy Security is an industry-leading Splunk Partner with a deep understanding of what it takes to drive operational success.

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Professional Services

Need to better understand your current cybersecurity readiness, test your defenses, or develop new ones? We conduct a variety of reviews and assessments for our clients, along with senior-level strategy support through our virtual CISO services.

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