Leading Analyst Firm Recognizes Alchemy Security For Specialty SIEM Expertise

Alchemy Security is both humbled and honored to be recognized as a go-to solutions provider when looking for Specialty SIEM expertise in deployment and operations. As noted within the most recent Technical Professional Advice publication entitled, SIEM Market Trends, Solutions, Assessment and Select Product Profiles, the analysts acknowledge that SIEM is not a “set-it-and-forget-it technology”, and requires “smart people to design and run it.”

From our point of view, Dr. Anton Chuvakin and Ramon Krikken are absolutely spot on with their analysis. All too often, we have observed many SIEM deployments left to gather dust as they do not receive the proper amount of care and feeding required by knowledgable experts to extract meaningful value from their SIEM investment. We strongly suggest reviewing this in-depth study to better understand differing SIEM options as they relate to specific security and compliance requirements for your organization.