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Managed Threat Detection and Response (MDR)
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Threat actors work 24x7x365 to compromise environments (just like yours) for their own personal gain. Alchemy Security supports your defensive strategy by working around the clock and providing Mitre Att&ck based threat detection coverage to limit the bad guys from doing significant harm to your brand or incident response budget. Other benefits include reducing cyber insurance costs and full compliance with all major cybersecurity frameworks including CIS, NIST, ISO, FFIEC, and others.

Managed Security Culture
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Human beings are the main target of attack in 74% of breaches (2023 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report). Your best employees are those who most want to help. That makes them vulnerable to phishing and other types of social engineering. Our Managed Security Culture solution radically reduces risk, reduces cyber insurance premiums, and helps satisfy all major cybersecurity frameworks.

Managed Vulnerability Intelligence
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Delivered as a security-as-a-service (SaaS) model, Alchemy Security’s Managed Vulnerability Intelligence (MVI) solution uses state of the art cloud-powered vulnerability management technologies which is further augmented by subject matter experts to assist organizations in developing and codifying a vulnerability management strategy that is specific to your environment.

Personal attention by all of the employees at Alchemy. I feel like everyone makes my needs a priority. I get very fast response times with all of my questions and direct engineering support for new implementations. Alchemy feels like an extension of my team.

Sr. Information Systems Security Analyst


The personable nature of the business relationship, willingness to collaborate and positive attitude of all personalities at Alchemy. The positive impact of Alchemy corporate culture is evident in the interaction with its employees. If an employee has ever had a bad day it hasn’t been evident.


Financial Services

The Defender's Advantage

Defenders have to be vigilant against a wide range of attacks across all parts of the organization at all times. Attackers only have to be successful once. This attacker’s advantage is a call to pessimism for defenders who are under pressure. But is it complete? It leaves out the possibility that the defender too, has their advantages.
So what are they?

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Security Operating System

SOS is a software platform that helps organizations more holistically manage cyber security functions required to protect your environment from the most common attacks that organizations fall victim to every day.

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Our Approach

Alchemy Security is a rapidly expanding information security solutions provider, specializing in Information Security intelligence technology and services. We combine extensive experience with innovative ideas to holistically solve our customer’s most challenging Information Security problems.

Case Study

Learn how we solved complex security, compliance, and governance requirements for a severely understaffed financial services institution in a cost-leveraged manner.


When we first met our client, a rapidly expanding Financial Services company with private equity backing, they were concerned about meeting a complex set of security and compliance requirements in a cost-effective manner. More importantly, however, they wanted to take the precautionary measures required to protect themselves against a potential data breach. They knew that with the lean in-house IT and Security teams, their goals were beyond reach.


We utilized our Extended Threat Detection and Response (XTDR) platform to provide 24/7 continuous security monitoring required for compliance, while our Managed Vulnerability Intelligence (MVI) service provided a framework to address high-risk vulnerabilities in a manner that aligned with their risk tolerance and available staff. We also used our Managed Security Culture (MSC) program to address the weakest link in the chain by educating users on how to identify threats that target them on a daily and weekly basis. Additionally, when the client needed to ensure that their web applications and network infrastructure were battle-hardened, we performed a penetration test to help them understand where weaknesses in their defenses could be leveraged by hackers to do the company harm.


Through a combination of these tactics, we were able to help our client develop and maintain a holistic and vertically integrated security strategy that addressed all of their ongoing security program needs. The client adopted our Security Operating System that helped solve some very difficult security challenges, including asset inventory and security program management.

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Some aspects of security program management require a particularly heavy lift. That’s where Alchemy Security can help.

Ready to Chat?

Some aspects of security program management require a particularly heavy lift. That’s where Alchemy Security can help.

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