Managed Security Culture (MSC)

Our MSC service cultivates an organization-wide cybersecurity mindset by providing continuous security awareness training, simulations, and reinforcement programs to embed secure practices into the daily habits and decision-making of employees at all levels.

Authentic Phishing Simulations

Organization-Wide Resilience

Measurable Risk Reduction

Scalable & Adaptable Programs

Case Study

25% drop in employee failure rates on simulated phishing tests

Download the case study to learn how Alchemy Security helped a rapidly growing financial services firm drop employee failure rates on simulated phishing tests to the industry standard through a structured and continuous approach.


A Proven Playbook for Organizational Change

Authentic Phishing Simulations

We design authentic phishing simulations that mimic real-world attacks and expose users to a series of progressively difficult scenarios. Our goal is to bring failure rates within industry standards while raising the resilience of each user until proficiency is demonstrated.

Measurable Risk Reduction

Humans are the #1 attack vector used in breaches. By continuously testing users’ susceptibility to evolving phishing tactics and establishing smart feedback loops, our MSC has proven to quantifiably lower an organization’s human risk factor and demonstrate tangible security improvements.

Organization-Wide Resilience

Our MSC service builds organization-wide resilience against phishing by making practices an intuitive part of users’ daily workflows. We accomplish this through measures like ongoing training, personalized support for struggling individuals, and user-submitted reporting, to name a few.

Scalable and Adaptable Programs

An MSC takes a holistic yet structured approach, scaling awareness efforts as users progress, adapting difficulty levels, and proactively addressing emerging threats, ensuring the security culture evolves with the organization’s needs.

Financial Savings
  • Mitigation of Social Engineering Attacks
    Educating employees on recognizing and responding to social engineering tactics, such as phishing, reduces the risk of costly breaches.
  • Reduction in Credential Theft Incidents
    Focusing training on secure password practices and the dangers of credential sharing diminishes the risk of credential theft.
  • Lower Cybersecurity Insurance Premiums
    Organizations with effective training may qualify for reduced insurance premiums as insurers favor lower-risk profiles.
  • Avoidance of Compliance Penalties
    Compliance with regulatory requirements like GDPR, HIPAA, and SOX through targeted training helps avoid fines and legal consequences from security lapses.
Operational Efficiency
  • Enhanced Response to Cyber Threats
    Prompt identification and reporting of suspicious activities by trained employees speed up incident response and mitigate impacts.
  • Decreased Downtime from Security Incidents
    A well-prepared workforce minimizes business interruptions caused by cyberattacks, maintaining operational continuity.
  • Cost Reduction in Incident Management
    Effective training curtails the frequency and severity of incidents, reducing costs associated with investigations and external consultations.
Enhanced Corporate Image and Employee Relations
  • Protection Against Data Leaks and IP Theft
    Training empowers employees to protect both corporate and personal information, enhancing security at home and work.
  • Strengthened Trust and Business Growth
    A commitment to robust security practices increases reliability among clients and business partners, fostering business opportunities.
  • Security as a Shared Benefit
    Providing resources that employees can share with their families not only enhances personal security but also demonstrates the company’s commitment to employee welfare beyond the workplace.
Benefits & Outcomes

Grow Your Business from a Secure Place

MSC is more than an expense. Done right, it can be a revenue generator.

Having a well-trained workforce can actually help reduce unforeseen costs associated with investigations and compliance penalties. It can also qualify you for reduced insurance premiums and instill confidence in potential business partners and clients, opening up new streams of revenue.

Why Alchemy Security?

Clients typically approach us feeling frustrated by the lack of transparency and search limitations of mainstream MDR. In many cases, they’ve experienced firsthand how other providers respond to an incident, providing nominal support too little too late. Our clients want someone who will take the time to fully understand and explore their environment, identify their specific risks, and—if and when an incident does arise—leverage an intimate understanding of their systems to outsmart an attacker before a costly breach can occur.

Simply put, our clients understand that to handle the threats we’re experiencing today, they need more than a tool: they need a partner who can take ownership of their success, share the burden of their challenges, and help them stay one step ahead of attackers.

"As a 7 year veteran in the field, I've learned a lot about what clients are looking for in an MDR provider. As a boutique MSSP leveraging Splunk as an advanced analytics platform, I take great pride in knowing that our clients view us as an extension of their security team, tackling difficult challenges together in a cost-efficient manner."

Cameron Curtis

VP of Sales and Marketing, Alchemy Security