Managed Threat Detection and Response (MDR)

Alchemy Security’s MDR service provides advanced 24/7 threat monitoring, detection, and response capabilities powered by seasoned security analysts and an extensive threat intelligence library.

Fully Customized Threat Detection Strategy

Industry-Leading Incident Response Times

Best-in-Category Technology Stack

Highly Transparent Tracking and Reporting

Case Study

52% saved in annualized labor costs

Download the case study to learn how Alchemy Security helped a major payments provider save more on annualized labor costs, satisfy investor requirements, and mitigate a catastrophic breach before their biggest day of the year.


A Holistic, Boutique Approach to MDR

Fully Customized Threat Detection Strategy

Where other firms employ a templated, one-size-fits-all approach, Alchemy Security builds out a customized threat detection strategy for each client. We first learn about the client’s environment, perimeter, identities, and critical assets so we can then tailor our detection and monitoring to their specific needs and maturity level.

Best-in-Category Technology Stack

We leverage best-in-class technologies like Splunk, which provide powerful search, data structuring, and incident response capabilities. This enables our analysts to effectively investigate and respond to threats, even in complex environments. It also provides clients with greater visibility into their systems.

Industry-Leading Incident Response Times

Our team of seasoned analysts provides industry-leading response times and 24/7 threat monitoring and detection utilizing the Unified Kill Chain and Mitre Att&ck frameworks. Our deep familiarity with each client’s environment allows us to stay ahead of even high-priced incident response providers during active incidents.

Highly Transparent Tracking and Reporting

We help clients track and report on their overall security maturity using proprietary tools like Lapis and Atom. This provides visibility into areas for improvement and quickly surfaces action items. It also enables clients to demonstrate their security posture to stakeholders and regulatory bodies.

Peace of Mind
  • 24/7 Detection and Response
    Knowing that our experts are continuously monitoring and protecting your critical assets provides a strong sense of reassurance.
  • Ability to Focus on Business Growth
    You can focus on your core business objectives without constantly worrying about the effectiveness of your defenses.
  • Greater Confidence in Your Security Posture
    This confidence can be invaluable when communicating with stakeholders, clients, or regulatory bodies.
Cost Savings
  • Reduced Need for In-House Security Staff
    Outsourcing MDR can significantly reduce the need for hiring, training, and retaining a large in-house security team.
  • Access to Advanced Technology Without Upfront Costs
    Gain access to cutting-edge security tools and technologies without the associated capital expenditure.
  • Predictable and Controlled Security Spending
    Better predict your security spending through a fixed monthly or annual subscription fee, while avoiding unexpected costs.
Sense of Partnership & Support
  • Seamless Team and Capacity Extension
    Extend your security team as needed when gaps in your in-house capacity arise.
  • Enhanced ability to navigate complex situations
    Knowing your MDR provider has the knowledge and expertise to provide rapid response and support is critical.
  • Greater investment in your success
    Having a dedicated partner invested in the security success of your organization enables you to grow with greater confidence.
Benefits & Outcomes

Rest Easier, Accomplish More

The right MDR provider does more than monitor your systems. It gives you the freedom to grow your business without fear of a costly data breach, knowing you have a partner in your corner you can trust.

Why Alchemy Security?

Clients typically approach us feeling frustrated by the lack of transparency and search limitations of mainstream MDR. In many cases, they’ve experienced firsthand how other providers respond to an incident, providing nominal support too little too late. Our clients want someone who will take the time to fully understand and explore their environment, identify their specific risks, and—if and when an incident does arise—leverage an intimate understanding of their systems to outsmart an attacker before a costly breach can occur.

Simply put, our clients understand that to handle the threats we’re experiencing today, they need more than a tool: they need a partner who can take ownership of their success, share the burden of their challenges, and help them stay one step ahead of attackers.

"As a 7 year veteran in the field, I've learned a lot about what clients are looking for in an MDR provider. As a boutique MSSP leveraging Splunk as an advanced analytics platform, I take great pride in knowing that our clients view us as an extension of their security team, tackling difficult challenges together in a cost-efficient manner."

Cameron Curtis

VP of Sales and Marketing, Alchemy Security