Managed Vulnerability Intelligence (MVI)

Delivered as a security-as-a-service (SaaS) model, our MVI solution helps organizations identify vulnerabilities in their environment and develop a mitigation strategy that fits their needs.

Comprehensive Vulnerability Scanning

Continuous Threat Intelligence and Monitoring

Risk-Based Prioritization & Remediation Guidance

Training, Enablement, & Transparent Reporting

Case Study

Advanced vulnerability scanning reveals 1K overlooked hosts

Download the case study to learn how Alchemy Security helped a major logistics entity gain full visibility into their IT estate, identify and remediate gaps that previous scans had missed, and find creative solutions to issues that couldn’t be patched right away.


We Find Your Vulnerabilities Before Attackers Can

Comprehensive Vulnerability Scanning

Alchemy Security conducts thorough scans of your entire perimeter, both externally and internally, using advanced scanning solutions and open-source intelligence gathering techniques to identify vulnerabilities and expand visibility into your IT assets.

Risk-Based Prioritization and Remediation Guidance

Our experts help you prioritize vulnerabilities based on the highest level of risk and provide guidance on remediation, system hardening, and compensating controls when patching is not immediately possible, ensuring effective risk mitigation within your organizational constraints.

Continuous Threat Intelligence and Monitoring

Our team stays up-to-date on emerging threats and zero-day vulnerabilities through continuous market research and industry reports, proactively alerting you to pertinent risks and working to patch them before attackers can exploit them.

Training, Enablement, and Transparent Reporting

We establish a regular cadence for vulnerability scanning, analysis, and remediation guidance, providing your team with the knowledge and tools to understand and act upon vulnerability findings, while offering transparent access to the same information and dashboards used by our engineers.

Financial Savings
  • Reduced Costs Associated with Unpatched Vulnerabilities
    By identifying and prioritizing critical vulnerabilities, you avoid the financial consequences of successful cyberattacks.
  • Cost-Effective Vulnerability Management
    A phased, risk-based approach allows you to allocate your budget effectively, focusing on the most critical issues while implementing cost-efficient workarounds.
  • Potential Reduction in Cybersecurity Insurance Premiums
    Ability to negotiate lower cybersecurity insurance premiums, as insurers favor clients with a strong security posture.
Operational Efficiency
  • Improved Visibility into IT Assets
    Alchemy’s comprehensive scanning and analysis provide organizations with a clear picture of their IT infrastructure.
  • Streamlined Vulnerability Management Processes
    Establishing a structured and efficient vulnerability management process reduces the time and effort involved.
  • Enhanced Collaboration Between Security and IT
    Alchemy’s transparent reporting fosters better communication between an organization’s security and IT teams.

Enhanced Security Posture and Risk Mitigation
  • Proactive Protection Against Emerging Threats
    Continuous threat intelligence gathering enables you to identify and patch critical vulnerabilities before attackers can exploit them.
  • Improved Compliance with Industry Standards
    Aligning vulnerability management practices with industry frameworks like CIS helps you meet compliance requirements.
  • Reduced Risk of Data Breaches and Cyber Incidents
    Alchemy’s MVI service significantly reduces an organization’s risk of falling victim to costly data breaches.
Benefits & Outcomes

Stay Ahead of Threats with a Proactive Approach

Instead of waiting for attackers to find the weak points in your system, our expert team can actively seek out and patch your most critical vulnerabilities, so you can improve your risk posture and avoid unexpected costs.

Why Alchemy Security?

Clients typically approach us feeling frustrated by the lack of transparency and search limitations of mainstream MDR. In many cases, they’ve experienced firsthand how other providers respond to an incident, providing nominal support too little too late. Our clients want someone who will take the time to fully understand and explore their environment, identify their specific risks, and—if and when an incident does arise—leverage an intimate understanding of their systems to outsmart an attacker before a costly breach can occur.

Simply put, our clients understand that to handle the threats we’re experiencing today, they need more than a tool: they need a partner who can take ownership of their success, share the burden of their challenges, and help them stay one step ahead of attackers.

"As a 7 year veteran in the field, I've learned a lot about what clients are looking for in an MDR provider. As a boutique MSSP leveraging Splunk as an advanced analytics platform, I take great pride in knowing that our clients view us as an extension of their security team, tackling difficult challenges together in a cost-efficient manner."

Cameron Curtis

VP of Sales and Marketing, Alchemy Security