Security Operating System

We get it, holistically managing a cybersecurity program is a daunting task, especially considering how much complexity is involved to get it right.

We help our clients manage the complexity and challenges involved using Lapis,  a novel approach to security program management.  Lapis lets you easily manage, track, and automate your cybersecurity program from one interface. Supported by world class security practitioners well versed in the art and science of risk management, we make the impossible possible. Perhaps for the first time ever.

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Data breaches occur because companies fail to complete routine security tasks in a timely and effective manner.

We can’t ensure you won’t ever find yourself in a breach response situation, but thanks to Lapis, we can prepare your organization to be better than your competition, which is key to preventing most successful data breaches.

One of the largest cybersecurity crimes in recent history resulted in the complete compromise of all the things that matter to us as consumers and private citizens. Driver’s license numbers, social security numbers, credit scores, addresses, and other sensitive information for 148 million Americans, 15 million British, and 19,000 Canadians was stolen by a well equipped adversary.

The reason for the breach? The company had failed to complete a simple update of a third-party web app in a timely fashion, leaving confidential information prey to hackers, who were watching and waiting for a company to make a mistake of this sort.

We’ve seen this over and over again: A small oversight or failure to complete a task in a timely manner results in companies experiencing major cybersecurity events that, between direct and indirect costs, can result in millions of dollars wasted on what is often preventable! It’s hard to overstate the organizational impact when caught flat footed and forced to deal with the distractions associated with a data breach. 

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Personal attention by all of the employees at Alchemy. I feel like everyone makes my needs a priority. I get very fast response times with all of my questions and direct engineering support for new implementations. Alchemy feels like an extension of my team.
Sr Information Systems Security Analyst


Lapis – The Security Operating System

Identify strengths and weaknesses in security controls, shore up defenses, and automate routine activities from one easy-to-use interface, to help protect what matters most. Lapis benefits include:

Atom- Asset Discovery and Inventory Management
Meet or Exceed Security Compliance Goals
Reduce the Time Collecting Data and Spend More Time Actioning It
Do Better Faster
Protect What Matters Most
As the financial impacts of the last few years continue to be felt, and ongoing global disruption leads to even tighter markets, it’s critical that companies are able to lower costs while maintaining the highest standards of security.