A Security Operations Center is your company’s information security nerve center. When properly tuned, it can tell you what you have in your network and how your environment actually behaves so that you can adapt quickly and effectively to constantly shifting threat conditions. Experience has taught us that a well-run SOC can mean the difference between overall success of a company’s Information Security program and unfortunate alternatives. Alchemy Security assists our clients in learning how to:

  1. Create a SOC that provides enough control to efficiently manage your company’s Information Security program.
  2. Deliver Security ROI early and often.
  3. Establish Security Agility through lightweight yet effective SOC management practices.

SOC Strategy

A SOC is probably the most important facet of your company’s security program. Without one, it is difficult to understand current threats and vulnerabilities within the operating landscape. Your SOC enables self-awareness. In the absence of Security Intelligence, it is difficult to make sensible investments in security or react quickly to threats within your environment.
Experience has taught us that the success of a SOC is often determined at the level of security strategy. But it’s hard to know where you are and where you want to go if you have yet to build a fully operationalized security operations center. Our team of SOC management experts can help you assess your present Security Intelligence capabilities and then guide Leadership to achieve stated strategic objectives.

Managed SIEM

With our managed SIEM solution, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: world-class engineering to maintain and build content for your ArcSight implementation on a part time basis, without the full-time commitment. Contact us to learn how Alchemy Security can solve your SIEM engineering needs.

SOC Express: 0 to SOC in 90 days

Every company needs a security intelligence capability — one that fits their business. But that doesn’t mean that you need eyes on screens 24/7. In fact, the world’s best SOCs are highly automated. With our SOC Express service, you can have a fully functioning SOC or virtual SOC in about 12 weeks. How?

    • Preparation: We train your security team on how to use ArcSight before the project begins. In addition to pre-project training, we will build and test your ArcSight systems before the project starts. That way, your SOC starts running within days not months.
    • Lean/Agile development: SOC Express uses Agile project management techniques to deliver value rapidly, with minimal risk and maximum results.
    • Experience: Alchemy Security’s team of consultants have built SOCs around the world in every major vertical. We’ve seen and managed all kinds of SIEM/SOC projects and can help you find the quickest, most cost-effective path to security intelligence and compliance.

Compliance Solutions

For those companies that are subject to PCI DSS, maintaining compliance between audits is a major challenge. These are but a few of the most challenging PCI requirements:

      • File integrity monitoring
      • Log aggregation and daily analysis for all in-scope network devices, systems and applications
      • IDS monitoring & management
      • Incident response management, processes, and procedures
      • Configuration monitoring

With the help of Alchemy Security’s SOC team, you can establish the means for monitoring compliance with these and other challenging PCI DSS requirements. By dealing with PCI at an operational level, you can spread out and minimize the costs and disruptions that often accompany regulatory compliance.

Project Management

Operating a SOC and creating one are two different endeavors. Getting started is often the most difficult, and as critical to your success as managing day-to-day operations. Alchemy Security consultants use Agile and Scrum project management techniques to kick-start your SOC project in order to achieve rapid and measurable ROI in a way that is cost-effective and self-sustaining.

Architecture, Implementation, & Integration Services

Alchemy Security assists our clients in developing a robust SOC Architecture that satisfies key operational objectives. Upon procurement, Alchemy Security can function as navigator or jump in the driver’s seat to get your SOC up and running to demonstrate ROI early within the project life cycle. Delivery elements can include:

      • Identification and roadmap development of key technologies considered to be critical to the SOC architecture
      • SIEM implementation and configuration
      • IDS/IPS installation and tuning
      • Technology configuration changes required to feed the SOC such as FWs, Routers, AV solutions
      • Address end point technologies
      • SIEM tuning and content development

Flex Connector & Content Authoring Services

Alchemy Security can provide cost effective SIEM customization services through our team of highly qualified engineers and support staff. Our team is comfortable providing these services via on-site visits, remotely, or any combination that best suites your business needs and budgetary constraints.