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Alchemy Security, a recognized market leader in SIEM management solutions, is a Splunk Partner, Reseller, and Managed Services Provider.

Whether you’re looking to radically improve your existing deployment, struggling with tight deadlines, or just getting started, we can help.

Managed Threat Detection and Response
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Supercharge your Splunk deployment for threat detection by leveraging our Cyber Defense Center, which includes 24x7x365 coverage by seasoned analysts supported by our extensive content library built upon the Mitre Att&ck framework.
Security Alerting and Dashboard Content Development
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We are experts in converting security stories into actionable results. Bring us your best security use cases and we will convert your alerting ideas into Alchemic gold. If you are short on ideas but know that you can do better, our security use-case design exercises will clarify your thinking to help design a security content roadmap that solves your specific objectives and needs. Combining these service features, we can take you from zero to hero to achieve your security content objectives.

Managed Splunk Solutions & Staff Augmentation
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As a partner that can handle the heavy lifting of your day-to-day management, Alchemy Security helps clients with:

• Routine Maintenance
• Data Source Onboarding
• Infrastructure Expansion
• Staff Augmentation
• 24x7x365 Security Monitoring

Splunk SOAR
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Robust Security Orchestration and Auto Response capabilities are critical in today’s threat landscape. We have the team, use cases, and technical expertise to mature your SOAR deployment without straining your budget. Reach out to see how we can help move your security automation game into hyperdrive.

We really value and appreciate the service that Alchemy provides and the team’s knowledge of Splunk and willingness to flex where needed to try and accommodate our needs.

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The personable nature of the business relationship, willingness to collaborate and positive attitude of all personalities at Alchemy. The positive impact of Alchemy corporate culture is evident in the interaction with its employees. If an employee has ever had a bad day it hasn’t been evident.


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The Defender's Advantage

Defenders have to be vigilant against a wide range of attacks across all parts of the organization at all times. Attackers only have to be successful once. This attacker’s advantage is a call to pessimism for defenders who are under pressure. But is it complete? It leaves out the possibility that the defender too, has their advantages.
So what are they?

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Security Operating System

SOS is a software platform that helps organizations more holistically manage cyber security functions required to protect your environment from the most common attacks that organizations fall victim to every day.

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Our Approach

Alchemy Security is a rapidly expanding information security solutions provider, specializing in Information Security intelligence technology and services. We combine extensive experience with innovative ideas to holistically solve our customer’s most challenging Information Security problems.

Case Study

Learn how we helped an organization supercharge their Splunk environment—for a fraction of the cost of doing it themselves.


A financial services company in the fin-tech space came to us with a failing Splunk deployment. While not yet quite “shelf-ware”, the deployment hadn’t been maintained properly due to rotating staff, and shifting perspectives on how to best architect the solution. The organization further lacked the current engineering staff and expertise required to manage Splunk properly and understandably felt overwhelmed. They needed solutions, and fast.


We took charge with our Managed Splunk Services solution and quickly whipped the infrastructure into tip-top shape. Next, we performed a full review of the current security alerting content and recognized that while a lot of relevant security log data was being ingested, the content needed an overhaul to better address emerging security threats. Once their threat detection capabilities were in line with their expectations, we helped them get ahead of incident response by defining and implementing security orchestration and automated response utilizing Splunk’s SOAR platform.


Now the client maintains the proactive security posture that they had always sought, with a long-term plan to maintain and further mature their Splunk deployment in a cost-efficient manner.

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Like a well-tuned guitar, Splunk is an amazing platform at the hands of a masterful musician. Reach out today to learn how we can turn up the volume on your Splunk deployment.

Ready to Chat?

Like a well-tuned guitar, Splunk is an amazing platform at the hands of a masterful musician. Reach out today to learn how we can turn up the volume on your Splunk deployment.

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Managed Security Services

Expand the depth and breadth of your security team while reducing the risk of employee turnover, all at a fraction of the cost of hiring and managing internal staff.

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Professional Services

Need to better understand your current cybersecurity readiness, test your defenses, or develop new ones? We conduct a variety of reviews and assessments for our clients, along with senior-level strategy support through our virtual CISO services.

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